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This page would appear cryptic to you. That is because all these products are under various stages of development have a heavy IP component. Hence only outlines are given and for getting further details, you can approach us.

Below are our in-house products arranged by the levels in the scale of Full Stack Innovation.

  • Level 4: Next level of Product Evolution
  • Level 3
  • Level 2
  • Level 1

Level 4: Next level of Product Evolution

Level 4: Next level of Product Evolution


Payments as we know them, have changed drastically over the years. From stone tablets to coins to paper notes to digital currency. In parallel banks have also transformed from being inside temples to brick and mortar branches to your mobile phone. However as convenience has increased, so has the need for security. During the recent pandemic, while people are confined to their homes, fraudsters are having a field day, duping hundreds of customers of their hard earned money.

Vault is a product which will revolutionize the way people bank. It will be the safest banking option in the world. Banks who adopt this product will be able to reach their customers, advertise their products and serve their customers with both conveniently and securely. Sounds too good to be true? Contact us to know more.


An Operating System which is the future soul of all mobile devices. The whole drill of downloading, installing and storing data on apps will become a story of a long forgotten past.

Level 3

Level 3


The current model of telemedicine has 2 key disadvantages. First, the experience is far from perfect even in the best of telemedicine platforms and cannot match an in-person consultation. Diagnosis is patchy even on a video call and physicians have to rely more on their gut than live patient data. Secondly, there is always the concern of security of patient data. Diagnoser solves both these problems with a unique approach.


QBrick is an all in one device for online education. With its unique design, it is set to disrupt the edutech sector plugging in some key gaps in the current online education experience.

Level 2

Level 2


The corona pandemic has forced cab companies to adopt several measures to reduce the risk of infection and ensuring safe rides. This has led to additional effort for drivers with each ride. Autokit is a hardware component which can be installed on cars to check for passenger temperature and dispense santitizer automatically. This saves a lot of time and effort for drivers and ensures a safer ride.

Level 1

Level 1

As a part of our “Task based Automation approach”, we have created ready to deploy toolkits for Mainframe IT Systems which will automate some of the most frequent tasks which occur in the IT production environment. If you have big mainframe systems which are being built or maintained, these tools if used by your IT department or vendor will save you some precious dollars.

Language Converters:

Easytrieve to COBOL


Assembler to COBOL

Analysis & Design:

COBOL Code reviewer

COBOL version Upgrade auditor

Database Migration:

IBM DB2 to Oracle DDL Migrator

Production :

S0C7 finder and resolver

Assembler Inventory Assessment


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