Level 4

Level 4

Inventing the future of product or service evolution

Happy Customers are your biggest enemies. They fool you into believing that you have built a successful product or service. Then you stop innovating. And then you die.

Level 4 innovation is the highest level of innovation. Where you go beyond the narrow goal of customer delight and invent new products or services which create a completely different playing field. These are the big innovations which defy the existing rules of the business universe.

Level 4 innovation can only be achieved if you are able to identify the principles of product or service evolution over the history of humankind. Using these principles, you can exactly answer how your product or service will look like in the future. Even whether it will exist. However it is easier said than done.

Over 3 years of painstaking research in this area has led us to discover these principles and our proprietary methodology, Problem Finding Method (PDM) is based on the same.

Here is a brief summary of some of the use cases which we have worked and are working on for our clients. Due to the high confidentiality of these projects, further details cannot be shared.

The end of smartphone – A global electronics manufacturer is working with us on a solution which has the ambitious aim of eliminating the smartphone from the world.

A new paradigm for e-tailing - A leading online grocery retailer is redefining the way online shopping is done. It is removing the uncertainty associated with the quality of online grocery in the minds of customers by introducing “what you see is what you buy” feature.

Zero App: The whole drill of downloading, installing apps will soon be over. Your phone may look cleaner before it finally goes into the garbage of history. One of our clients – a technology leader is working with us to ensure the same.

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