Level 3

Level 3

Finding Innovation from customer experience:

Well, if you do not have the appetite for the revolutionary and are looking for something which will astonish the customer and take you miles ahead of competition, Level 3 innovation is apt for you. We apply PDM to customer experience as well. But our approach for this is also diametrically opposed to the usual Human Centered one. Apart from looking at expressed and unstated pain points of the customer, we also look at points of customer delight and find problems. You see, our goal is not just to create customer delight by solving an expressed or unexpressed problem but to find areas which will become problems in the future.

In this Innovation level we have some of the below use cases:

Re-imagining Car Servicing - We worked with a French automaker to analyze the customer experience of its repair and service business. After thoroughly analyzing the customer feedback collected through multiple channels, Arthlex implemented a revolutionary idea which will change the car servicing experience forever.

Feel the Future: A global consumer electronics manufacturer approached Arthlex to find radical problems hidden within the experience of its customers. The result is a solution which enables customers to experience their upcoming product models like never before.

Stay Connected: A leading telecom provider in the APAC region found a big area of opportunity when we proposed an integrated messaging system across its different touchpoints. The solution, being built by our technology partner will exploit the hidden power of a telecommunication network.

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