Level 2

Level 2

People and Process

If you are thinking that your business has been running successfully by the people and the processes you have put in place, it is time to re-look the same. The longer it has been around, the greater are the chances that a there are inefficiencies which if found can result in immense cost savings for you, ease for your employees and delight for your customers all at the same time.

Believe it or not, this is an area where innovation is hamstrung by the so called “industry” or “domain” knowledge. Your processes have been set according to age old “wisdom” of how your industry has been operating. Be it your store or warehouse layout, schedule of your employees, placement of your equipment or even the technology used are decided by the so called “industry best practices” which are again bound by principles which have been around for decades. Consultants who come to you are again seeped in the same superstitions which are taught in their fancy B-Schools.

Technology is revolutionizing the ways in which products and services are consumed by customers. New business models ruthlessly focussed on Innovation are a real threat for those businesses which are stuck in the old ways.

We firmly believe that principles of innovation are independent of industry verticals. By leveraging our Innovation Methodology we would find areas of innovation which would take your business to a different plane of operational efficiency and employee utilization. Our approach is not guided or constrained by domain specific dogma. It is innovation at its purest.

We have the below use cases for Innovation at this level.

Check this out!: Q-less checkout has been an elusive dream for many a retailer. From unwieldy carts to entire stores, solutions have been in pilot for over a decade. A clever, cheap and workable product is what we have created for a leading Indian payments provider. You will soon see the same in stores near you!

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