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IT Systems

If you are running a big and successful business, your IT system would be a big part of how you deliver value to your customers. However, there is a huge scope for automation and innovation in this area which is typically hidden to your IT department. The situation is worse if your IT system is built and maintained by an external vendor who has an incentive to hide automation opportunities from you and milk you by deliberately continuing with the existing inefficiencies or even manufacturing new ones.

The existing solutions and consultants in the market promise you the moon but only scratch the surface. We have a radical new approach to this problem which we call ‘Task based innovation”. Simply put, we use our proprietary methodology to the individual tasks which are done to your IT projects and find high value discretionary areas of automation and business value adds.

We have run several programs for our customers across banking, telecom and retail sectors. Typically clients direct their IT vendors to run these programs at their premises. A Program lasts for just 2 weeks and isolates hundreds of automatable tasks which are identified by the employees using our proprietary templates. The client then works with the vendor to automate these tasks and achieve cost savings at scale.

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