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About Arthlex

Arthlex Research is an Innovation Consulting and Product Development Company. We are on the mission to unearth hidden radical problems and develop groundbreaking solutions for them. We work with clients to find innovation opportunities across their business landscape from new product development, customer experience to process innovation and IT systems automation.

We have invented a methodology called Problem Discovery Method (PDM), which is the first of its kind non-human centered methodology to unearth hidden radical problems associated with a product or service. In addition, the methodology enables finding the most optimal solution which would become the next level of evolution for the product or service. PDM is based on evolutionary principles and is diametrically opposed to the Human centered approach, which is best suited for incremental innovation and incapable of radical innovation.

Using PDM, we have been able to help some of the leading companies across various business verticals to find innovation opportunities from the most unlikely places. PDM has also enabled us to conceptualize and build products which will enhance the lives of customers and help human civilization to move forward.

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